Light Up High River: Halloween Edition

October brings longer nights and shorter days,
The perfect invitation, some might say,
for ghosts, ghouls and gremlins to come out and play.

What is light up?

Light Up: Halloween Edition was inspired by the Christmas Light Up contest and became part of the High River Parades and Lights Society family. High River boasts an incredible number of Halloween enthusiasts - both residents and businesses - who create the most incredible displays each year. We would like to recognize those who lift the spirits of the community each year and help as many people as possible see their handiwork.

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2023 important dates

  • Registration

    October 1-20, 2023

  • Voting

    October 22-31, 2023

  • Winners Announced

    November 1, 2023


Prizes surprises

  • Top Votes: Residents

    Bragging rights until next Halloween
    Trophy (not as shown)
    Other prizes surprises

  • Participants' Draw

    A lucky winner is chosen from all resident and business entrants

  • Top Votes: Businesses

    Bragging rights until next Halloween
    Trophy (not as shown)
    Other prizes surprises

  • Eligible Voters' Draw

    A lucky winner is chosen from all voters who wish to be part of the draw


Register for light up

Sign up for Light Up High River: Halloween Edition and your home or business will be added to the online map and list of entrants for people to view.

* Closed for 2023. Please submit a Goblin Recommendation! *

Goblin Recommendation

See something spooktacular? Submit a Goblin Recommendation to be included on the map.


View & vote

Light Up High River: Halloween Edition 2023 voting is now open. You must be 18 years of age or older to vote.

Grab the participants' maps by downloading the PDF (includes addresses and maps) or viewing the online map in a new tab (also available below).

Cruise around town taking in the scary sights. When you're ready, cast your vote. Head over to Light Up High River on Facebook to follow the fun.

  • Participant list (online)

    View the online map of Light Up participants on its own. Same map as below. Show the legend or click an icon to see the addresses.

  • Participant list (PDF)

    Download and print the participants' map (coming soon) if viewing over several days. Great way to make notes and track what you've seen.

  • Find your favourites

    Head out with the family for some Halloween fun. You may want to visit a few times as many add decorations right up to October 31.

  • Vote for your favourites

    Complete the voting form. Update your scores by submitting another voting form until October 31, 2023. Only your LAST entry will be counted.

2023 Winners

Thank you to all our participants, viewers and voters for making Light Up High River: Halloween Edition so much fun.

  • Top Votes: Residents

    The BONE YARD on 19th ST
    Sharon Remple

  • Participants' Draw

    Museum of the Highwood

  • Top Votes: Businesses

    Rocking the Graveyard
    Look At That

  • Eligible Voters' Draw

    Victoria B


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